Monday, July 1, 2019


Hello People πŸ™‚πŸ™‚. It's Monday!
Welcome to Inkspiration Monday on InkInspires,where we inspire you to think and get to work with motivating write ups.

Today's edition is targeted towards waking you up to actions in the long and short runs.It is to inspire you to raise your head above doubts and uncertainties.

It's tiltled; BUILD THE TALE ®
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                  BUILD THE TALE

"The future never appears,the future is made"®.This is a fact that  a lot of us do not pay much attention to as days add up to days,months to months and years to years.Everyone has a dream, goal, aspiration or expectation.We all want to tell a story one day with experiences and results,yet we might never do

The evidences of this fact is very evident in our habit of "nothingness" and "unpreparedness" today.We take the quote "little drops of water makes a mighty ocean" for granted and expect that our "ocean"  rush out of a source our mind does not know or identify with.This I tell you is the best friend of impossibility.

I believe every person has a mission they have consciously or unconsciously attached themselves with.To fufil that mission will take the hardwork of laying bricks which in reality translate to decisions, actions and works that will eventually add up to form the result we want to see.No ONE will reap where they didn't sow, except they go through the back door which is extremely risky.

If we want a future or a particular result we want,we must build it up and intentionally work towards getting the picture we want to see.

Lisa Nicholas said in one of her speeches"Don't get paralysis of the analysis trying to make sure the step is right.I'd rather you take ten steps wrong,than analyse trying to make one step right one more day when someone is waiting to be inspired by you."

You say you are incompetent,you lack resources...The truth however is that the incompetence your dream has is YOU!It has someone who is not ready to take the very first step to achievement of the aspiration or dream.The dream knows that it might be dead forever, because you have thrown the key into the deep pit of doubt and laziness
You want something? You see something? Today,sit and stand.Work out your desired results by laying the first brick, taking the first step.

Start building your tale today .With your consistency and determination to remain there, in the land where you're building, until you get your result,you can never tell where you'll get!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Hello people πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
It's been a while...,but this is our song,to be back, better!
Welcome to another interesting edition of Wednesday Lines with Life. Today's series is one that will get our minds to reflect.

Poetry is meant to go directly to the soul and inspire thoughts with Lines of great words.Today's poem is titled "SUNG BY THE DEAD",by Deborah Benjamin.
Enjoy and get inspired!!!

          SUNG BY THE DEAD
Sung by the dead are wishes for their living days
In the deserted room beneath the hot soil
Whispers of hopeful gains
That flashed continuously when they could still work and toil
Sung by the dead are contrasts of their deserted race

Sung by the dead are stories of walks and adventures
Now given up unto a closed journal of history
Achievements that seemed worthy of eternal praise
Without effort have resorted to painful felony
Sung by the dead are tales of when they were still conquerors

Sung by the dead are dirges for the living while they lay
In the underworld without a hint of light's Ray
Unfolding their prayers to still feel a summer day
Not dissolve by scientific reactions as does a clay
Sung by the dead are pitiful rythms for existing legacies

Sung by the dead are songs of regret
For dreams forsaken on the lonely road of life
Eagle works but results of a sullen eaglet
Following a totally convincing picture slashed by the knife
Sung by the dead are results of the mind's reflect.

Deborah Benjamin

Every living soul should strive to pursue their dreams while they still have life.The most important thing is ending well.What will be your song in the grave?

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Monday, May 6, 2019


Hello friends πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.I trust we are doing very well.It's Monday again and of course another edition of Inkspiration Monday,where we inspire you with motivating write-ups.We basically create inspiration with the power of the ink.
Today's series is titled; POWER OF THE MIND,by Deborah Benjamin.Also note that we will be having new writers on InkInspires soon, who will also under the umbrella of InkInspires shape our world with powerful write ups.
A lot of times we fail at something,try again like they advice but still fail.You then begin to wonder if you should just give up on that thing and move on, since it seems you are not made for it😁
Is this thought true,if yes, how true is it that failure reflects that you should turn to other shores of possibility?
Let's find out below,shall we?πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

              POWER OF THE MIND
"The only locked doors are the ones in your mind,all doors are open,all you have to do is walk through"
This was said by Prince EA in one of his spoken words videos that talked about the mind.Scientifically,the mind is a part of the  body that enables humans to be aware of their world,to feel,to think;a faculty of consciousness and thoughts
However, the psychological definition is very related to the above defined.The mind is the organ of the body that guides actions,initiate feelings and thoughts.
Whatever is going on in the mind will shape how you think, feel and act.This is why it is important for us to talk about it.It is the one thing that defines living creatures.Animals also have a mind of their own.However,their physical and biological characteristics determine the content of their own mind and differentiates it from humans'.
Our mind is like a cooler,the temperature of whatever you put in will determine its hotness or coldness.A lot of times we feel limited or powerless towards a particular thing, task or goal.This is not to say that weaknesses do not exist,but the biggest and commonest weaknesses are ones that the mind, due to what goes on around a person,create and form.
In the definition of the mind,I mentioned that mind is the faculty of consciousness or thoughts, which for one are formed by what we see, what we hear,where we go and the people we move with.This is very similar to stereotypes.The mind is usually swift to sticking to single thoughts and stories.It is usually lazy to take in diverse ideas and challenge single ones.This is why the success of a lot of people is usually delayed or even destroyed.
Without wasting much of our time,I want us to know that we are a result of what goes on in our mind,and one thing we don't know is that we have the power to choose what is in our minds.No two persons share the same minds,but we are usually used to the lazy life of following conventions, accepting other people's thoughts and convictions without planning and creating ours.So their failure becomes yours,their success becomes yours,their limitations seem like yours and you eventually don't get to Live your own life, the one that has been designed for just you,you live other people's.
There was a boy who heard from one of his friends that the palace gate is always locked.Every other person believed this,so he did too.A time then came that he had a brilliant idea that could turn the village around for good.He went to the gate which of course seemed locked,the boy waited there hoping someone would come out that he could talk to.For days nobody did.So for many days,in the scorching sun,heavy rain,this boy waited outside the palace gate.One day,a palace guard eventually strolled to the gate and saw the boy looking very tired,he obviously had waited for long.The guard asked what he wanted Without opening the gate and the boy shared his mission,the palace guard looking hopeful asked him to come in.The boy without trying told the guard that it was locked.The guard told him to open,he did and he entered.

Just take a look at how what a person's mind thought shaped the way he percieved something.It is the same way in reality.Most times the only limitation exists in our minds.What do you need to get rid of today?
Upon what thoughts and convictions have you based your life on?
How many opportunities have you lost because of the limit of your mind?
Do away with the junks today and structure your own mind. Remember that it determines every other thing.

"I am a product of my choices"-Dayo Nigeria

What is your choice?Maximize the power of the mind and enjoy freedom
Don't forget  that this doesn't mean you won't fail,just remember that your mind also determines your attitude to the failure.
Get inspired!!!

                   Deborah Benjamin
Wow πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I hope you were inspired by this piece.Don't forget to drop your comments, contributions and questions in the comment box
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Friday, April 26, 2019


Hello people πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the first edition of NigerToday on InkInspires.NigerToday is a special series on InkInspires where issues affecting Nigeria and Nigerans are discussed.
Most times we prefer to murmur or complain about matters affecting our nation.This is a new approach to this.We discuss situations and how we can contribute our quota to reverse the effects.We recieve your opinions and suggestions in the comment box and heal our nation with the power of the ink.
Today's edition is titled :Niger My Root
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                 NIGER MY ROOT
Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of resources and amazing potentials.It is however saddening that this opportunity is not well utilized or targeted towards growth and development .It is on this  note that distinguished Nigerians seek out greener pastures.
Nevertheless,it is not a bad thing to look out for opportunities to better your own country,in fact it is encouraged that you seek after knowledge.It is however not acceptable to get lost in your quest and forget your root.
We most times get decieved that opportunities are not available here in Nigeria.People who have realized that every challenge is an opportunity to think creatively and become better can testify to the success that they've been able to achieve.We decide to give up on Nigeria and find solace in other parts of the world.
Nigeria is our root!
No matter what happens,no matter how far we run, Nigeria is our first and unavoidable brand.Recognising this fact,you should understand that you don't have a choice than to work to better Nigeria.If you think you do, remember that there is a part of you that will need this root to grow and germinate,generations after you.
Would you make them suffer from your decision to remain mentally lazy? Would you force them to believe they are on an ordinary ground when in fact they are on gold?Would you make them oblivious to the treasures available in their home land and allow alliens steal them all away?
It is all a matter of identifying that you have a duty to water and nurture this root of yours, joining forces to uproot monster thorns and setting out to contribute your potentials, abilities and intelligence to the growth and resistance ability of your root.What exactly do you think?

Drop your opinions, contributions, suggestions or questions in the comment box.Join the discussion.Don't miss out!


Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Hello people πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Welcome to InkInspires and the first edition of Wednesday Lines with Life.
Every Wednesday, InkInspires takes you into the beautiful world of poetry, entertaining and inspiring.
 Today's edition is titled: WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH.
It is targeted towards encouraging you to move on even when you feel your legs are becoming reluctant to walk you.
For every human, there is a certain point when you sincerely admit that you are tired of moving on.In times like this,when the going gets tough, remember  that it is then that the tough gets going πŸ™‚
When the going gets tough
And it seems like the road is crooked and rough
Without a single straight path to thread
But ones with complicated routes,ones to dread.

When the going gets tough
And there is indeed nothing else to do than cough
And choke on your miserability
With happiness becoming your disability

Uncertainties and mysteries at you beckon
Disappointment and sorrow with you reckon
This feeling you're sure of
All these you see, when the going gets tough

When the going gets tough you see
All the "long-worked-for" without thoughts, flee...
Setting to another shore of possibility
Pushing the"going-activity" becomes your responsibility

When the going gets tough
A lot more than minority forget to surf
They like a stagnant statue
Stagnancy ,like a curse,pursue

This is for you whose going is rough
Without any assurance that at last you will laugh
For you at the mountain cliff
You can survive,you can be tough

When the going gets tough
The tough gets going
With shoulders high in the sky, hopeful rush
Of faith in your feeble heart rolling...

                     Deborah Benjamin
I hope you were inspired by this piece.Join us here again on Friday for:Tales of Today
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Monday, April 22, 2019


Hello from here,peepsπŸ™‚πŸ™‚.Wishing you a very happy Easter.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ.
It's Monday again!I specially welcome you to another edition of Inkspiration Monday on InkInspires.Where we create inspiration with the power of the INK is right here...
Today promises to be Amazing and inspiring.
Get inspired!!!

Leadership as commonly viewed by people is something that comes with title, power and attention.When we do not have these three things,we usually believe we're not leaders.Today's series will bring us all the excitements and baggages that come with leading from the back.This is the type of leadership that pays the best nowadays.The piece is titled: Strength in Silence,by Deborah Benjamin.

               STRENGTH IN SILENCE πŸ’ͺ
What is leadership to you?To me,it means the qualities,character and mind that will make you fit to command a platoon or group.This definition was actually abstracted from an article I read:"Solitide in Leadership, October,2009". However,these qualities and characters need to be worked on and built intentionally.While building them,you would need every help you can get.This help is what I am pitching today.. it's the help that servant leadership offers you.
Normally, when you're called a leader,you ought to be in the fore front, doing all the talking, raising all the ideas and giving all the instructions.In recent times,the polity is a situation where all leaders need to facilitate progress by being the opposite of the above mentioned.There is a great strength in Silence.Sometimes ago,I read an article by Nelson  Mandela,where he explained how  servant leadership promoted follower's commitment,diverse ideas and rapid development.He said at first they thought he was foolish, allowing them do all the talking,facilitating their exchange instead of controlling it.The result was usually the result every leader wants to have.
 As a leader in the twenty first century,you need to switch to this method of leading from the back as it affords you the chance to see everything going on before,it allows you the chance to think uninterruptedly and see what others can't see.
It is not all the time that your voice needs to heard as a leader.When you silence your voice and give chance for other voices,you get to hear ideas that could actually be what you need.You need to learn the listening ability.
There is a great Strength you can get from Silence.It makes your followers feel important and encouraged to think and think through.This eventually brings out amazing ideas,even from the seemingly dumb followers.
This is my own theory of leading effectively.LAUNCH-You can introduce discussions as a leader ➡️, FACILITATE-Do not control,resort to maintaining orderliness ➡️ LISTEN-This should be your best part.Listen to all ideas.Never look down on any suggestion of people you're leading.➡️ UNDERSTAND--Try as much as possible to understand every one of your followers.Understand their feelings and empathize.Give room for following their lead.If it is the wrong path, they will understand better that way.➡️FORSEE-When all these are put in place,it will give something we call Foresight.Yoy will be able to see beyond the moment.You will be able to see what others are not seing,and that will really help you as a leader.
When you give in to this new strength of silence,you will encounter a change in your leadership life.
        Deborah Benjamin
I hope you were inpired by this piece.Let's heal our world with the power of the INK.
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Monday, April 15, 2019


Hello peopleπŸ™‚πŸ™‚
I am superly excited today as today's Inkspiration series sets to inspire and motivate you who has one idea or the other to add value to the society,but is scared to go on because of lack of support financially and physically . Because of this particular issue a lot ideas have remained ideas without impact even with the positive prospects they propose.
Let us look into what most people use as an excuse for retarded development.. This write up is by Deborah Benjamin who is a young entrepreneur.She currently directs Save A Girl Africa and volunteers for start ups that have progressed and also regressed.
Get inspired!!!

Africa is one of the biggest places to get opportunities.I personally believe that challenges are keys to development and sustainable solutions .
Africa for one has a lot of challenges she's battling with today,as well as people who are ready to give in to entrepreneurship and leadership to help ship Africa out of her challenges.
over the years,a lot of amazing ideas have died because of the habit of the idea developers not to "look beyond what you see".Their main focus is what bred today's discussion,they say they are "Too broke to ignite". They are always looking for a social business that will get everything right from the start.They complain there is no money,no hands ,no support and so no future.
 From my side as a young social entrepreneur, this is what I see:

Every business idea you develop ,whether profit or non-profit should address a social need.A lot of us want to run businesses that will lead back to us, not putting our society in mind.The truth however is ,impact is not a choice it is very mandatory.Every person living in the society has a duty to contribute to growth in such society.Therefore your business ideas has to mostly focus on meeting societal needs.This is because Life is give and take,you can never reap where you don't sow.The same way you can't expect an idea that is not helping humanity to thrive and grow in an environment humans dominate.

A lot of people because of fear of domination do not pitch their idea to people.The truth however is that in as much as you should start regardless of the hands you have on ground,you need to build your network.Be ready to talk to trust worthy experienced individuals who can help guide you.While doing this you have to be careful,but it is a very important process.Don't miss it!

Impact comes first:A lot of people do not know that money isn't the most important thing when it comes to effecting an idea.Nobody wants to work with a mouthed solution provider.They want to see something concrete they can work with.If you don't start,you can't get this.So,just Start.Leave the money aspects of the project and work on aspects that need little or no money to kickstart.That way you can build a standard story to tell.

Volunteer: This is one of the charms to becoming a good and supported social entrepreneur in this age.You need to build your own circle of influence and network.This you can do by volunteering for individuals and organizations that do related things.Do research and look for opportunities to volunteer.People are usually ready to talk to someone who is very experienced and won't let their help down.Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!!!

Propose uniqueness:A lot of people have pitched ideas to people , organizations but got rejected because they do not have anything different from other ideas that have been pitched and supported in the past.Therefore they get no support.They then resort to their thoughts "I am too broke to ignite".
What unique value is your idea proposing that can convince people to support you and trust their support with you?Dare to be different with approaches to solving societal problems!

There are a lot of things that new Start ups ought to consider instead of focusing on lack of funds and support.These are some of them.It is important to put these things in place before anything else.
I hope this helps you find yourself and get on your feet instead of complaining and giving excuses.
Get inspired!!!

         Deborah Benjamin
I hope you were inspired by this.Don't forget to share with your contacts, comment or ask questions.Let us heal our world with the power of the ink.